Energy Exchange


Our energy exchange program is part of our community engagement initiative. We currently have several unfilled energy exchange positions at Wicked Barre.

So, what is Energy Exchange?
Energy Exchange students, or “trade students”, commit to at least one weekly shift (3 hours) during which you will be performing assigned tasks such as cleaning, organising, and interacting with clients and other members of staff. You may be assigned some front desk duties, depending on the day and time of your shift.

In return, trades will receive unlimited access to our studio classes. Unlike many studios, which offer an equal hour-per-hour trade (1 hour of work per 1 hour of class), our en-ex students would be able to practice Barre and Pilates with no limitations on hours, as long as your duties are performed and completed in an adequate fashion.

What will I be doing as a Wicked Barre trade student?
Your main duties as an energy exchange student will be cleaning tasks: swiffering, brooming, steaming, and cleaning; just like Cinderella! You will be responsible for cleaning the various studio spaces: class studios, reception and hall, change-rooms and washrooms, as well as folding towels and washing cups. Other cleaning duties may be assigned, depending on need or season. 

Additionally, you will be responsible for greeting clients,  monitoring class sign-ins, assisting admin staff, and giving tours of the studio to new clients.

What is expected of me as a trade student?
All trade students are expected to have been practicing at our studio for some time. New trades are welcome, but will be asked to complete the two-week introto become more familiar with our instructors, classes, and our studio goals.

All newly-accepted trade students will be on a 4-week probationary period. This will allow us to get to know you and see that you are a good fit for our studio, and if you are able to manage this commitment.

The en-ex program is like any regular job: you are expected to arrive on time, clock-in and out, and complete all your tasks. If you are unable to make your shift, you will be responsible for finding another trade to cover it and to inform management.


How can I apply?

You can apply to our en-ex program by filling the application below. Please allow about a week for us to process and look through your application. You would be invited for an interview, after which our team will decide if we see you as a good fit for the program.

For any additional questions, please contact


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